Arsenal’s big ‘collapse’ and Ozil’s so called downfall

ImageThe English media seem to want Arsenal to fail, in fact they are waiting for it so they can say ‘I told you so’. The fact is Arsenal are having a much better season than everyone expected.

OK, so Ozil doesn’t score and set up 3 goals a game, but I don’t think that is entirely due to a dip in form. At Madrid he had amazing players around him to create chances for and play off. At Arsenal he has Giroud who, although decent enough, lacks any movement and definitely not the type of player who Ozil can slip in behind (ooh err missus) with his vision. He ran 11.6KM last night and although he switched off at times people should not be questioning his effort. As states, Arsene did not buy him for his defensive qualities. The team lack the pace and penetration that Ozil thrives on. I think next season is the litmus test with Theo hopefully back, the Ox in the team and if Arsene pulls his finger out and buys a forward with pace and movement. Although I do admit Sanogo looks a prospect.

As for the supposed collapse of Arsenal, they are one point off the leaders, and into the quarter final of the FA cup. They went toe to toe with Bayern and looked the better team until the sending off. So all in all they are doing much better than anyone, even the die hard Arsenal fans, expected.

I think Ozil may get rested for the Sunderland game and Podolski who has been in good goal scoring form recently in as a replacement. Wenger doesn’t trust or like Podolski for some reason and he doesn’t get the number of starts he should but he is their best finisher. A win is needed to keep the media at bay and I think they’ll get it quite comfortably.


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